Popular American Football Bets

There are dozens of different bet types that can be made in American Football from choosing the winner of a game to betting on who is going to eventually win the Super Bowl. Professional betters are going to know all the bet types and will try to choose the best ones possible but casual betters are usually going to think about one of two really popular bet types.

The Points Spread Bet

Whenever talking about NFL betting, this is the one bet type that is really popular and shows the most people placing bets. You might be tempted to believe that the bet type presented below is the most popular but this is not true. Points spread bets are also known as betting the spread or the line. A sportsbook will set the line by providing an estimate of the point difference that will decide the game.

As a very simple example, let us think about a points spread bet on a game between team A and B. Team A is the favorite and there is a -7 spread that is set by the sportsbook. This is basically a prediction that team A is going to win the home game by 7 points.

When you bet on Team A at the -7 spread, that team would have to win by over 7 points for the bet to be a won one. If the difference is exactly 7 points and team A wins, there is a push and the wager will be returned. Team B is listed as +7 in this example and you can win the bet if they get within a minimum of 6 points of team A. The push will appear again at exactly 7 points.

Most fans are currently betting on spreads as the game is more interesting. The team can be up by 20 points and you might still need another field goal in order to cover a spread that you bet on.

Money Line Betting

Football betters will enjoy this bet type too because of the easiness offered. You just have to bet on the winner and there is no need to think about the score. Sports bookers will set different odds before a game starts and this represents winning chances. For instance, let us say that Team A shows a 1.5 chance of winning and Team B a 2.5 chance of winning. If you bet $10 on team A, you are going to collect $15 if they win.