Picking Winners in NFL Football Games – The Basics

When it comes to picking winners in NFL football, it is very easy to sling a dart at the wall and hope for the best. NFL winners are fifty-fifty ventures at worst, so you are bound to get some right. Still, there are guys out there like me that pick NFL winners on a regular basis with very few losers. Why is it that they win a higher percentage than most and do it every single week? The primary reason is because they have sound basics and stick to those when times are tough. Here are some basic tips to picking winners in NFL football games on a regular basis that will always keep you in the green:

Check your emotions at the door

Some guys I know simply refuse to bet games on teams they have serious emotions about. I am a huge Carolina Panthers fan, and once was a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan. These two teams provided me with a very interesting test several years ago. I kept up with my stats and it was abundantly clear that it is not good to bet on games involving your own teams. That seems like common sense, but it was nice to see it in black and white. Leave your teams out and you will be ahead of the game already.

Don’t forget the injured list

It is amazing how many people lose games simply because they did not bother to see who was in and who was out. Checking the injured list is a huge deal and it is not always about major players. Peyton Manning being out is huge news, but so is the lesser known offensive lineman that keeps him safe during the game. Think of all the angles you can.

Put weight on the home team when all things are equal

Some people give a huge advantage to the home team regardless of the abilities of the teams. Certainly there are teams that dominate at home. Most teams, however, are only going to win at home when they are the better team. Don’t give massive points for a home field advantage if the team is clearly inferior to the opposition. Only add weight to the home team when the teams are equal or the home team is clearly better.

Do look around at what the experts have to say

Many football picking experts like to say to ignore the NFL analysts and various television announcers when it comes to learning about the teams and players. The truth is, these guys know the game pretty darn well. You should never take only one opinion, however, and place a wager on it. Look at a game from many sides and listen to what all the experts have to say. If you stick with the majority most of the time, you will be good to go. By all means throw in a gut feeling type of game now and then, or take a chance on a stinker, but stick to the consensus for the biggest majority of your bets.

This is far from the only tips you need to start betting, but it will certainly accentuate your typical betting routine if you don’t know them already. The basics are vital to any successful betting venture, and these are the most common ones.