NFL Week 13 Bets


San Francisco 49ers at St. Louis Rams

I think it is safe to pick the 49ers over the Rams. The 49ers have switched up its game plan the last two weeks, deciding to go with second year quarterback in Colin Kaepernick as the starter. The choice has been successful so far and I would ride the momentum into the lowly Rams.

Carolina Panthers at Kansas City Chiefs

These two teams are stuck at the bottom of the standings but I like how the Panthers have been playing the last couple of weeks. They came close to beating the Buccaneers in Week 11 and were able to come together against the Philadelphia Eagles. Cam Newton has things going and the season is a loss at this point and therefore there is nothing for them to lose.

New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins

Let’s face it, the Patriots are playing lights out right now even with offensive weapons sitting out due to injury. The Dolphins have also been struggling against sub .500 teams the last 3 to 4 weeks. You can probably feel pretty safe picking the Patriots.

Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans

The Texans are 10-1 while the Titans lost to a one win team last week in the Jacksonville Jaguars. These two teams are division opponents and know each other very well, expect the Texans to win with confidence.

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers

Although the Packers lost miserably against the Giants last week, they were previously on a six game winning streak. The Vikings are not doing much but riding the shoulders of Adrian Peterson with some flashes of good defense here and there. I expect the Packers to correct things quickly at home as Aaron Rodgers and company don’t want to miss the playoffs.


Arizona Cardinals at New York Jets

Both these teams currently sit with a record of 4-7. The Cardinals have lost seven straight games not due to its excellent young defense. The Jets are “risky” by definition. These two teams are completely out of sync this season that even the “favorite” isn’t “favored”. Bet this game on your own terms.

Indianapolis Colts at Detroit Lions

The Colts have been a surprise team this year with Andrew Luck leading the way. They currently stand with a record of 7-4 however the Lions have also been a big disappointment this season playing well below what we came to expect from last season. Therefore we know that the Lions are better than what their record says and they have begun to play much better the last couple of weeks and we know that the Colts shouldn’t be as good as their record says. Take all of this information together and bet at your own risk.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Denver Broncos

The Broncos have been playing unbelievably while the Buccaneers have come on strong this season with its young core of players on both offense and defense. The Denver Broncos are currently on a six game winning streak which started with its Monday Night miracle comeback against the Chargers during Week 6 however the Broncos have not played top notch opponents during that winning streak and the “tank” might be running on empty. This game will be close throughout and I would bet at your own risk.

Cleveland Browns at Oakland Raiders

Another two teams at the bottom of the standings that seem to have talent on paper but just are not able to get it done during game days. Although I like what the Browns were able to do against the Steelers last week, they were playing a heavily beat up Steelers team while the Oakland Raiders have been able to prove that they can score a bunch of points this season. I simply can’t call this one and bet at your own risk.

All the remaining games on the week are lower than solid picks but are higher than risky bets. You can probably go with the favored team and come out on top but don’t be upset when a couple of those games turn out to be bad picks.

Disclaimer: I am in no way a professional or claim to know the future. Please bet at your own risk. I am only here to provide some analysis, observation and my own opinion.