Important Numbers in American Football Betting

Any person that bets on American Football has to know the most important numbers that they should look at. It is just as important as being aware of the matches that take place and injuries that appeared. The key numbers that are the most common in NFL are going to indicate victory or defeat margin. American football key numbers will tell you much about sports bookers and what they try to do with a point spread while also offering information about line movements.

The final margin that is the most common is 3 points. It appears more frequent than any other but there is also the 7 points margin that is equally attractive for bettors. Statistics show that around 16% of all NFL games will end up with a 3 points difference and 8% with a 7 points margin. 6% of games finish with margins of 10 and 6. Sometimes you are going to notice that an odds maker will not show an important key number. In this case we say that it is begging for action. As an example, when you notice that a team is listed as -2.5 or +7.5 instead of -3 or +7, the odds makers are trying to make that line look attractive in most cases.

All American Football betters have to understand key numbers when buying teasing games or points. It will cost more to buy favorites down from a .5 extra or an underdog from a .5 deficit. It can be said that around 25% more will be the extra cost that is needed. You have to always take a look at the most important numbers so that you can understand when the odds makers are trying to make a move. When lines fall on 3s or 7s, most sports bookers will not want to move the line but they will adjust juice. When lines are moves, this basically means that there are important developments that appeared or a lot of betting action being done.

When betting on a teaser, you have to know critical numbers and how many the teaser will cross. The bettor can receive an advantage when a key number will be modified and this is really important. Professional American football bettors are always going to watch out for such offers as they might increase chances of gaining a higher profit. The same thing can be said for negative line changes in the sense that they are not going to bet when a line has been moved against the benefit of the gambler.