European Lottery News

The second biggest lottery in Europe is now without a doubt the EuroJackpot. While the game works as hard as it can to compete with it’s older brother the Euro Millions, there are still many cash prizes being claimed. This is allowing the game to steadily increase it’s player base especially in Finland where the live draw for the game is held every Friday in the capital, Helsinki.

This live draw occurs at 00.45 -GMT +3.

There have already been 3 completed Euro Jackpot draws and with jackpot winning odds of only 1 in 56 million it’s of great surprise that the jackpot prize has yet to be claimed. This means that on the 13th of April the prize will be an estimated €14,000,000 up for grabs. The game has already given much success to a few lucky players.

In the games second drawing on the 30th of March there were five ticket holders who managed to win €69,118 each for matching 5 main numbers and 1 Euro Number.

Although they narrowly missed out on the jackpot prize we doubt they will be unhappy with the money they made back from their €2 ticket cost. In last Friday’s draw on the 6th April even created 1 lucky winner of €312,639.

The game is set to expand with the introduction of further nations. Initially Iceland and Italy were both slated to be part of the Euro Jackpot but at present are not.

The Italian authorities are currently working on how they will implement the game, as are the gaming commissions of Iceland. Both countries hope to add the Euro Jackpot to their roster of lottery games 

With the addition of extra countries sales for the game will inevitably increase. At the moment the Euro Jackpot is a sleeping giant just waiting to become the biggest rival the Euro Millions has ever seen.