Popular American Football Bets

There are dozens of different bet types that can be made in American Football from choosing the winner of a game to betting on who is going to eventually win the Super Bowl. Professional betters are going to know all the bet types and will try to choose the best ones possible but casual betters

NFL Week 13 Bets

SOLID PICKS San Francisco 49ers at St. Louis Rams I think it is safe to pick the 49ers over the Rams. The 49ers have switched up its game plan the last two weeks, deciding to go with second year quarterback in Colin Kaepernick as the starter. The choice has been successful so far and I

Important Numbers in American Football Betting

Any person that bets on American Football has to know the most important numbers that they should look at. It is just as important as being aware of the matches that take place and injuries that appeared. The key numbers that are the most common in NFL are going to indicate victory or defeat margin.

Making Football More Fun

If you are one of those people who does not really like watching American Football, but feels they have to so that they have something to talk to the chaps at work about or perhaps because the family insist on watching it, then you might like to know that there is a way to game

Some Facts About NFL Teaser Betting

The truth is that most people have no idea what an NFL teaser is but a professional will always want to analyze such an event properly. Most novice gamblers think that these will be sucker bets and they will avoid them. Different sharp bettors are going to use them as an important tool to gain

The Cost of Betting on American Football Games

The great thing about betting or playing online winner casino games for money is that it can actually cost as much or as little as you like. You can choose to bet a lot of money and risk all of your savings, but most people are not silly enough to do that. It is really

Where to Place An American Football Bet

With so many different betting sites on the Internet, it can be very difficult knowing which will be the best one to use, to place your bet. You could spend a very long time, if you decided that you wanted to research every site and do a very good comparison of each. If you are

American Football Betting

There are so many people who enjoy watching a game of American Football. Quite a big proportion of them enjoy betting money on the match as well. Many of them find that this makes the match a lot more exciting for them and it is all part of the fun of supporting a particular team.

When to Place an American Football Bet

Betting can be quite an interesting process. If you bet a long time in advance of a match you can get much better odds than if you wait until just before it starts. This is because the risk is so much greater if you bet a long time away. If you bet a year before

American Football

Watching a game of football can be so much fun. Often it is a family event where everyone joins together in maybe supporting one particular team or in supporting opposing teams. It can be a great thing, perhaps where the men get more involved in the game and the women have a good chat and