NFL Wagering – Successful Ways to Bet on Overs and Unders

Observing gamblers in your local area can be quite an interesting eye opener. When it comes to NFL wagering, the strangest strategies take place. This is primarily due to the enjoyment your average citizen gets from watching an American football game. It’s not so much about the wager, but more about the entertainment. This works

A Brief Explanation of Line Moves in NFL Betting

Whether you call it the line or the spread, one thing is clear: if you want to continue a successful round of NFL betting, you need to pay attention to the way the line moves. Now, line moves and reverse line moves are talked about, debated, disparaged, and otherwise doubted, but money moves whether we

Get Into Betting on Football – You Can Do It!

Betting on the big games? You’re not alone. Betting on NFL and college football has become the interesting little hobby that nobody seems to want to admit to in public. In the United States, the only legal place physically to bet is Nevada, even though you can definitely get betting action in a million places.

NFL Prop Betting

When you first begin betting, trying to figure out spreads, lines and the like can be a bit overwhelming. Some people like betting on something a little easier to understand. Not everyone can step right in and understand the nuances of betting a spread effectively. Most people, however, can understand the concept of picking a

Football Betting

One of the major segments in the gambling industry, football betting has come a long way – as much as being likened to the game itself. Sports betting has always been a rage, but not as much as American football. As a science replete with handicappers studying the market trends, the injury reports, daily football

Statistics to Use When Betting With NFL Handicapping

There is almost always a system that is involved with a handicapping bet in the NFL. Some people are going to use computers in order to calculate numbers while others will simply go on gut instincts and observations. No matter what you choose and what system you are going to use, it is necessary to

How to Set a Budget When Sports Betting

Whether you are deciding on how much to pay on horse race betting, a football game or any other sport, it is a big decision to make. You need to make sure that you are paying out the right amount of money. It is firstly important to make sure that your overall betting budget is

Picking Winners in NFL Football Games – The Basics

When it comes to picking winners in NFL football, it is very easy to sling a dart at the wall and hope for the best. NFL winners are fifty-fifty ventures at worst, so you are bound to get some right. Still, there are guys out there like me that pick NFL winners on a regular

NFL Betting

NFL is the sport that most people bet on. It is probably the most popular American sport and the Super Bowl is the biggest tournament and watched by many people. Betting on any sport can make it more enjoyable and that is probably why many people bet on NFL. Being so popular it means that

Strategy and Coaching

In the game of American football, many newcomers would imagine it is a game of brute strength and physical power, yet behind the lines there is a extremely high level of strategy involved both on the defensive end and the offensive end of the field. This strategy is led by the intelligence and knowledge of