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NFL Wagering – Successful Ways to Bet on Overs and Unders

Observing gamblers in your local area can be quite an interesting eye opener. When it comes to NFL wagering and free spins casino, the strangest strategies take place. This is primarily due to the enjoyment your average citizen gets from watching an lightning link game. It’s not so much about the wager, but more about the entertainment.

This works for some people, but professional gamblers want to have the best chance at winning in free slots. We know that the key is doing the research and coming up with the best formula possible. Over and unders present a series of challenges, which can make them difficult wagers. In addition, most sports betting sites will have any over/under at -110. So before you even place a bet, you have to spend more in order to win less.

NFL Wagering

The best way to look at it is that you’re basically paying “juice,” even though your local bookie will probably be at -120 for each over/under bet. None of this will matter if you have the right strategy (or formula) in place.

What to Look for in an NFL Game

Over the past 10 years, the NFL gradually grew into a passing league. Very rarely do you see teams run the ball 30-40 times a game anymore. This is due to various rule changes, offensive playbooks, and several teams with better quarterbacks than running backs. The end result is inflated overs and unders.

So, in order to make this a successful venture, you have to study things about the game of football. You have to start thinking outside the box, because this is going to get a little tricky. It all starts with the offensive line. Yep, the most underrated part of the game plays a major role in an over/under.

Teams with elite offensive lines give the quarterback more time in the pocket. It provides quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers additional time to create plays that wouldn’t normally be present. The offensive line will also open holes for the running backs and keep the defense off-balance. The point; an off-balance defense means more points for the offense (in most cases).

A Brief Explanation of Line Moves in NFL Betting

Whether you call it the line or the spread, one thing is clear: if you want to continue a successful round of NFL betting, you need to pay attention to the way the line moves. Now, line moves and reverse line moves are talked about, debated, disparaged, and otherwise doubted, but money moves whether we like it or not. Calculating how that money moves can be the difference between winning more bets or just barely coming out even.

There are some strong reasons why line movement ends up affecting your point spreads. Injuries can creep in, taking the star player from a favorite and keeping them out for a few games. When you mix a tiny ball with oversized men, you’re bound to have injuries. Football players really have to work hard to get those wins, you know.

It’s not even just the injuries. When you’re playing in the NFL, there are also changes in weather. Weather affects games more than you expect. A sudden drop in temperature adds intensity to the game, because players have to battle the cold while they’re battling each other. This is the same if there’s a sudden heat wave.

NFL Betting

The bookmakers also play a role in line movements. If they see that one side is getting all the action and the other side isn’t, they may decide it’s best to move that line.

As you can see, you can’t just log into your favorite sportsbook, notice the odds/line moved and then flip out. You have to think a bit more strategically than that.

Looking at line moves can take up a lot of your day, but it’s important that you watch out for them. Look closely for injuries, weather changes, and overall market sentiment. Has the favorite changed places with the underdog? Think very carefully before you just change your betting. Many punters get tempted to change up everything just because they see a line movement has changed. This is absolutely the wrong attitude to take. If you’re always reacting, you’re never in a solid position to do anything. This is a game of risk, and you’re going to have to take the risk that you’re wrong. The good news is that if you’re right about a pick, you can make quite a bit of cash.

It’s the Season you Love – NFL Football Betting Season

There are a lot of reasons to love NFL football, but we love it because it consistently puts a little extra money in our pocket every year. As long as you’re being a little creative with your bets, you have plenty of chances to win good money. The odds on NFL football are good because there are so many people that are interested in betting. Weak odds in sports usually come from a small audience or a dishonest sportsbook. But let’s move on to more profitable things: getting in on NFL football betting, rather than sitting on the bench the whole season.

Get Organized At the Start

Do you know what teams are in the lineup? Have you looked at any of their stats form the last year? You don’t have to get completely immersed in the numbers game if you don’t want to, but it never hurts to arm yourself with as much information as possible. If you really want to be like the sharpest football bettors around, you might want to have a notebook just for your football bets. It’s certainly not necessary but it’ never hurts to be organized at the start.

NFL Football Betting

The Right Place, The Right Time

Have you ever heard the phrase “at the right place and the right time”? It applies to a whole lot of situations in life, with football betting included. If you want to get the best start on your new football betting hobby, you need to go a professional place. We’re not badmouthing the local side bets at the bar or other friendly ways of adding a little heat to a game or two, but if you want to make this an ongoing thing, you need to be in the right place at the right time. We recommend Allpro sportsbook, a place that strives to always be there when you need it. Going with an online sportsbook might be new, but the principles underneath are still the same. In fact, online sportsbooks offer much better terms and fairness than the friendly pools. You never have to worry about someone going back on their word and causing a great win to turn sour.

Everyone wants to win, but we all benefit when the betting is fair. If this is something that interests you, it’s never a bad idea to check things out now, before the betting really starts heating up!

Bet on a Big Game That’s Bound to Pay Off – Check out Orange Bowl Betting

You might have heard about the Super Bowl, and how it’s an international sports phenomenon. People fly, drive, and even walk (if they’re close enough) to the stadium to get a seat. But if you don’t feel like flying or driving, there’s always what everyone else does: they watch the game. But this isn’t the only show in town. If you’re into college football more than the NFL stuff, you gotta check out the Orange Bowl.

This year you’ve got some good college teams going against each other down in Miami, and there will be plenty of spectacular bets able to be made. If you combine this with the power of the Internet, you have a recipe for success. Why? Well, it’s simple: with the Internet, you don’t have to worry about not being able to make bets, because the total volume is so high. In local pools, you have to hope that other people are interested. The Internet gives the entire affair a more professional feel. You will be able to get good odds since this is a highly televised event, and there will be plenty of action. The more that bettors get involved, the better the odds are. Sportsbooks want to make sure that there’s volume before they’ll give you a great set of odds. So really, it’s a win-win on both sides. The sportsbook gets plenty of interested players, and you get to make a little money for your efforts.

Orange Bowl Betting

College football is great to follow because there are so many statistics. You can find information on all of the players, because the players serve the college directly. Their star talents are traded for a free education, which is a valuable thing all on its own. Star players know that they represent their school and bring a lot of attention, so they work on doing their very best. This display of school pride can be used to your advantage. It’s not just going with the crowd favorite, of course. You need to look at which team really has the potential to win. Any team can have a great game now and then; your mission is going to be to look for consistent win patterns in past seasons.

After you’ve looked at great patterns, you need to go with a great sportsbook. We recommend Allpro, a company that truly stands behind their platform. They’re passionate about taking care of bettors, and you’ll be able to make all of your wagers on a secure platform.

It might sound complicated at first, but you’ll get the hang of it. Check it out today, while it’s still on your mind!

Strategy and Coaching

In the game of American football, many newcomers would imagine it is a game of brute strength and physical power, yet behind the lines there is a extremely high level of strategy involved both on the defensive end and the offensive end of the field.

This strategy is led by the intelligence and knowledge of the team’s head coach. Head coaches are paid and employed to help prepare, coach, and motivate the franchise’s players to be the best complete team possible. There is always a head coach, who hires a staff of defensive coordinators, assistants and player personnel. There is also an offensive coordinator and an array of assistants on the offensive end of the ball.

The quarterback usually has his own coach, sometimes a specialist, a quarterback, or at times the head coach acts as the guidance of the quarterback. Some of the most successful coaches in NFL history are: Don Shula, George Halas, Tom Landry, Curly Lambeau, Chuck Noll, Bill Parcells, Joe Gibbs, and Dick Vermeil. It is the objective of the head coach to ensure the team is running at its greatest ability on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball, as well as to motivate his players to the utmost performance level.

The offense has a playbook, which can consists of hundreds of plays, each scripted strategically to attack the opposing team’s defenses and to expose their weaknesses. plays are sometimes risky, sometimes safe, some only are designed to get a few yards, others a long touchdown. Play calling is determined by the situation that is currently presented to the offensive team, to match their needs and pursuit of scoring a touchdown. There can be trick plays, designed to fool the defense and gain yardage, deception is a key component to a powerful and consistent offensive game plan.

The defense also plans plays to defend the offense, and to hopefully take away the offense’s proposed game plan or strengths. The defense devises schemes and formations to confuse and disturb the offense. The defense must be able to stop the offense’s running attack while at the same time stop their passing attack, which can be very difficult and frustrating. Players and coaches watch hours of film review and prepare for the best game plan for each individual week and each individual team. The head coach and his staff are one of the most key ingredients to a quality football team. The coaches ability to guide and prepare its players for the games, and to get the most out of his players is a sign of a good coach.

NFL Betting

NFL is the sport that most people bet on. It is probably the most popular American sport and the Super Bowl is the biggest tournament and watched by many people.

Betting on any sport can make it more enjoyable and that is probably why many people bet on NFL. Being so popular it means that a lot of people will understand all about how the betting works. However, there are some who do not.

NFL Betting

The NFL bet is based on point spread. The two teams taking part get analysed. The favourite to win will need to score a certain number of points higher than the other team for the bet to pay out. So a team might have a score of +4 and that means that if you place a bet on them winning, they not only have to win for you to get a pay out but by more than 4 points. If you bet on the losing team, then you will not get a payout.

This means that this sort of betting is not as simple as picking the team that will win. You have to be confident that they will win by the margin specified by the bookmaker. If there is a draw or the team do not win by the necessary margin, then no one gets paid. If you think it might b a close game, then it might be safer not to place a bet, but it all depends on the spread that the bookmakers have placed on it. The spread can change as well, so you might want to keep a close eye on it and only bet when you think it is a reasonable amount.

Betting like this can make a game extremely exciting and you may find that you are even rooting for a team you do not like because you have bet on them, thinking that they have a better chance of winning. If you have never placed a bet before on this sort of game, then it is very simple as it can be done online of offline and in many different places. It is worth giving it a go as you will never know how much fun it can make a game unless you actually try it.

So now you understand how NFL spreads works and how simple it can be, why not have a go at betting on the next NFL game you watch and see whether it makes your viewing more fun.

Get Into Betting on Football – You Can Do It!

Betting on the big games? You’re not alone. Betting on NFL and college football has become the interesting little hobby that nobody seems to want to admit to in public. In the United States, the only legal place physically to bet is Nevada, even though you can definitely get betting action in a million places. It’s truly something that people are into. There are friendly little bets in the office, and then there are online bookmakers. It’s definitely a great time for sports betting.

What could be more primal, more interesting, and even more American than football? Even if you’re not American, there’s something interesting about the NFL football games that really sucks people in. They talk about it, blog about it, get into heated arguments about it. Love it or hate it, football in all of its forms is here to stay.

If you’re looking at getting into the swing of things for next year, there’s a few things you need to know. This way, when the season for football comes back around, you’ll already be ahead of the curve!

First and foremost, you need to have a plan. You can’t just bet based on your heart. It’ll lead you astray every single time. However, if you have a good plan, then you’re going to be ahead of the recreational players. Don’t get sucked into “sure things” — you will need to make sure that you’re using logic and not emotion. This is true no matter what sport you’re interested in.

From here, it’s all about money management. In fact, according to Morey “Doc” Moseman (a professional gambler and sports consultant with 40 years of experience), money management is THE thing to watch out for, and also the most neglected. “The key to proper money management is to be sure not to bet more than you can afford to lose.” says Moseman.

Mr. Vaccaro, one of Las Vegas’s sharpest bookmakers, says that if you have a bankroll of $1,000 for the football season, you need to bet no more than $50 a game. Definitely something to think about. For the international players among us, you should scale that to the currency of your choice. A bankroll of 1000 EUR should still work out to 50 EUR a game. Or 50 GBP. It doesn’t really matter.

Looking around for the best number in terms of sports betting lines is also the key. You should find a sportsbook that you really like that has good numbers. Just remember that they are indeed changing their numbers to reflect the betting patterns of their customers.

Don’t forget to look at the underdogs, especially when they play on home turf. They’re going to be inspired to do their best because they’re in their own territory. Big underdogs will push hard because they know that their “crowd” is watching them. Sharp bettors are going to be hunkering down, and you should as well.

If you start losing, don’t try to chase bets to win back your losses. Sometimes the best thing that you can do is go home. It’ll save your bankroll and you can play another day. Restraining yourself is probably going to be very difficult at first, but it’ll get better over time. It cannot be stressed enough — the long term is where you need to think. Thinking over the whole season will make you come out ahead better than chasing game to game wins or trying to make your money back quickly. It’s not worth it!

Exotic wagers isn’t where you want to be either. Parlays might not be where you want to go. It would make more sense to go with betting on the point spread, or over/under totals on individual games. 11 to 10 odds is pretty cheap betting, so don’t overlook it.

Another point that all of the big dogs agree on is the power of research. If you’re looking in terms of conferences, you’ll find a wealth of data that will help you develop your handicapping skills to the fullest. The Internet has made it easier to become a sophisticated gambler if you’re willing to take the time to research.

Many experts say to ignore the talking heads on TV — they aren’t knowledgeable about what it takes to really get ahead in sports betting, so why pay them any attention? Don’t lose your head and stay with solid betting advice from people that are really putting their money on the line.

As with anything, you’ll have to pick and choose the advice that best serves your purposes. Why not check things out for yourself today? There’s a lot of fun in betting on the big games, and this advice should help you even if you’re looking at college football. Hang in there, and good luck!

NFL Prop Betting

When you first begin betting, trying to figure out spreads, lines and the like can be a bit overwhelming. Some people like betting on something a little easier to understand. Not everyone can step right in and understand the nuances of betting a spread effectively. Most people, however, can understand the concept of picking a team to win their division, or guessing who will win the Super Bowl. Anyone can do that with a modicum of skill if they know a little about NFL football. These types of bets are called prop bets. This is short for proposition bets. It essentially covers any bet that is not dependent exclusively on the final outcome of the game.

Prop betting is extremely common in the NFL betting circles, but it can actually be done with any sport. Some people pull out prop bets on things as simple as chess games. Generally speaking, however, prop betting is done on athletic events.

Are prop bets essentially side bets?

For the most part yes, they are.  Prop bets are side bets that do not depend on who wins or loses an individual game. As mentioned before, you might make a prop bet on who will win the most games in the NFC South, or who will take home the rookie of the year award at season’s end. Indirectly prop bets can be dependent on who wins a group of games in that manner.

Who makes prop bets?

Prop bets are popular with every type of bettor. They are popular with the pros because they offer up in depth analysis opportunities and challenges. Trying to guess the winner of a division before the season starts is tough if you are making that as a prop bet. Prop bets are popular with beginners as well because they are simplistic on the surface. In other words, you might make a prop bet on a single game about how many touchdowns Cam Newton will run for in a given game. Any beginner can give a decent guess, but only the pros will check the offensive line injuries for the Panthers and who they are playing against on Sunday. This makes prop bets one of the most popular NFL bets around.

Who sets up the prop bets?

Usually the sportsbook that is in charge makes these prop bets but they are called proposition bets for a reason. If you feel you have a bet that you would like to put out there, ask around to the sportsbooks and occasionally you will find one to take your wager. Prop bets are flexible in this manner.

What are the most popular prop bets?

Prop bets are extremely popular at large sporting events like the Super Bowl. In fact, the Super Bowl is the single biggest prop bet generating event on the planet. Every season, tons of prop bets come out to give you tons of options. If you want to get into betting games but you don’t feel comfortable with the lines, then prop betting may be for you.

How to Set a Budget When Sports Betting

Whether you are deciding on how much to pay on horse race betting, a football game or any other sport, it is a big decision to make. You need to make sure that you are paying out the right amount of money.

It is firstly important to make sure that your overall betting budget is right. Use money that you can afford to lose and have fun with. You should be able to easily work out how much this is if you look at how much money you have available after paying your bills and how much you need to spend on things through the month. You will have a good idea anyway of how much money you normally have available to spend on luxuries like this.  However, deciding how to spend it can be harder.

You can choose to put the whole lot on one bet and risk it all. This can be great if you are betting on a football match and have something to watch and keep you entertained for a while. However, if you are betting on a horse race, then it is over with quickly and your money will all be gone. You will have to decide which you think you will get the most pleasure out of.

You will also have to decide whether to spread your bet or just make one. Spread betting means that you will bet on several outcomes in the same event and then you will increase your chances of winning. This can be good if you would like to win a prize but do not mind how much it is, but if you want to win a big prize, then you will be better off picking just one thing to bet on and spending more money on that bet. Spread betting can also be good if you have no idea of what the outcome might be.

So thinking about how to set a budget is a lot trickier than just deciding how much you can afford to spend. It will take some thought in order to decide how much to spend in total on each event and whether to make multiple or one bet. However, it is a decision that is worth thinking about as it has a big influence on how much you could lose and how much you could win. This will affect your enjoyment of gambling and of the sport that you are betting on.

Football Betting

One of the major segments in the our industry, football betting has come a long way – as much as being likened to the game itself. Sports betting has always been a rage, but not as much as American football. As a science replete with handicappers studying the market trends, the injury reports, daily football news and setting the lines, the football betting experts are wise guys with a gift for defying the odds and making serious cash. If you want to claim a share in that wealth, first you need to know how to make an educated wager.

With numerous techniques of football betting doing the rounds, with the help of this betting system, you should know where to start. Firstly, determine what the point-spread or line for the game/games that you want to wager on. The point-spread is determined by the number of points that the handicapper or odds maker gives to the underdog. The preferred team is indicated with a minus (-) sign. You can at best find the point spread and daily lines at an online sportsbook. A majority post the betting lines daily. Once the team and the spread have been determined you will be required to decide on the type of wager that you wish to make.

Types of Football Bets

Straight Wager: Placed on either the point spread or the over/under. It is sometimes called the total. In a straight bet, the team you wagered on must win and cover the spread. If you are wagering on the “total”, or over or under you are wagering on the “total” points scored by both teams, including overtime.

You can bet that the teams will either score more (over) or less (under) than the total the handicapper posts. As the wager is on the total points, it doesn’t matter which team wins.

Money Line:

Placed on the price of the wager and not the point spread. If you are certain that the underdog is going to win, bet the money line, since nothing will pay out better.

Point Buying:

If you don’t like the point spread or betting line, bookies and sportsbooks give you the opportunity to buy points. This is known as “Point Buying”, by which you can adjust the point spread either by adding or deducting points. This moves the game to your advantage.

Propositions or Exotic Bets:

These bets are mostly seen on very important games like Monday or Sunday Night NFL, playoffs, high profile regular season NCAA (Penn state-Ohio state Notre Dame-Nebraska), major bowl games and the Superbowl. Proposition. The Exotic Bets are wagers on particular events or occurrences within the game like field goals, touchdowns, halftime scores, rushing yard by xx, and extra points.

Halftime and Quarter Bets:

Quarter betting is common with high profile names like the Super Bowl or Monday Night NFL. This bet is placed on individual quarters of the game; Halftime Betting is placed on either the half time or final score specific of the game. The lines offered are point spread, money line, or a combination of the two.


Offered on annual events that take place, like the Superbowl or World Series. Once you place this bet, it is taken as final and you cannot be changed, even though the odds will change throughout the year.

Parlays and Teasers:

These are combination bets. A parlay is a wager placed on more than a game at a time; all bets made here must win on the parlay card. Teasers differ from parlays in that here you can add points to the spread, at a cost.

With a host of football bets, online soccer betting is a huge industry with bettors taking the sport both seriously, as well as having some fun with it. If you want to read more sports betting related articles – visit for more tips and news.

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